Trust the Process Small Group Discussion  

Trusting God’s Process:

      • Reflecting on the transcript, what does it mean to you to “trust the process” as emphasized in the discussion?
      • How do you personally struggle or succeed in trusting God’s process in your life’s journey?

  Letting Go of the Past:

      • The speaker highlights the importance of letting go of our past. How does holding onto past burdens hinder our ability to trust God’s process?
      • Share an experience where letting go of your past allowed you to move forward in faith. How did this impact your spiritual journey?

  Looking Ahead:

    • Keeping our focus on the goal ahead is emphasized. How can we maintain a forward-looking perspective amidst life’s challenges and distractions?
    • Discuss practical ways we can train ourselves to keep our focus on God’s ultimate plan rather than getting sidetracked by comparisons or self-doubt.

  Developing an Attitude to Learn:

    • The importance of having a learning attitude during the process is highlighted. How can we cultivate an attitude of openness and eagerness to learn from God’s teachings and experiences?
    • Share a time when you struggled to maintain a positive attitude during a challenging season. How did you overcome this, and what lessons did you learn through the process?

  Closing Reflection: As we conclude our discussion, take a moment to reflect on one key insight or takeaway from today’s conversation. How can you apply this in your journey of trusting God’s process moving forward?

Trust The Process Small Group Discussion