ULCC Small Groups

Connect Groups for Real Life Change

There is no such thing as a typical ULCC Small Group. Each one has different leaders and different locations and times, but they all have one thing in common: the desire to worship God and help others grow closer to Him. And if it’s not your typical small group, that’s okay. We want you to be able to connect with a faith community that feels right to you. Find a ULCC Small Group near you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you been to a ULCC small group or gathering? If so, great! You have had a taste of the life changing power of community. Have you been curious about attending a small group but weren’t sure where to begin? Here, you will find some frequently asked questions and answers as well as some easy ways to get connected.

What Are ULCC Small Groups?

Each of our ULCC Small Groups is designed with members’ interests, led by trained leaders who are familiar with the needs of the group. This creates an atmosphere where sharing personal thoughts and inspiring conversations are encouraged. Technology tools complement our in-person meetings, allowing each member to feel included—no matter where they are.

What Are The Groups About?

ULCC Small Groups are a safe place to experience growth as a disciple of Christ. Each group leader uses their personal gifts and passions to create fun experiences that allow people to connect with other “believers” in their daily walk with God. Subjects include: Bible study, health, leadership, personal development, study techniques, family, relationships, finances, DIY crafts, coffee talk, business and much MORE!

Where Can I Join?

We offer small group sessions from the comfort of your own home. Be a part of one of our small groups throughout the year or arrange a bespoke group with a maximum of 10 people. Non-members are welcome to join all of our groups as well. The session facilitates a meaningful discussion led by a trained facilitator, focusing on all aspects of life. To enroll into a group, click here.

Where Do They Meet?

All ULCC Small Groups are hosted at different locations.   Some of our groups meet at the homes of the group members, some meet at a church and others meet at a favorite place. We also offer Zoom and Google Meets for members/non-members seeking to connect with their select groups. View dates and times of each group below. If you have any problems, your group leader will be able to help you get connected.

Theodore Tyson

Weekly – Every Friday

ULCC Small Group #1

Small Group Bible Study is a small group experience focused on helping you develop a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through reading, studying, applying and discussing God’s Word. This 2-hour session will be lead by Theodore Tyson helping you grow in your faith, gain clarity on Biblical matters, and build lasting friendships.

Cierra Marshall

Weekly – Every Tuesday

ULCC Small Group #2

Small groups are the fabric of our church, and our culture has always been friendly, authentic and life-giving. We decided to stray from the norm of singles groups or married couple only groups. Small groups are open to anyone in the body of Christ, single or married. Our desire is that Cierra Marshall will help you form some valuable relationships while developing a deeper relationship with Christ.

Martina Bruton

Weekly – Every Thursday

ULCC Small Group #3

Join Martina Bruton for a small group session that will help you build a deeper relationship with Christ. In this class you will learn from scripture how to forgive those who have hurt you and reflect on the ways God might be using those hurts to teach, encourage and strengthen you. By the end of this course you will develop a more personal relationship with the Lord as your “loving Father who knows what is best for you.”

Kendall Bruton

Open Availability

ULCC Small Group #4 – Youth Focus

Whether you want to discuss personal questions and hang out with friends, or gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word and the people of the Bible, this small group session is for all the church youth. Led by Kendall Bruton, we’ll be exploring topics such as community and discipleship, and we’ll think through how they’re relevant to our lives today.

Ebony Harris

Open Availability

ULCC Small Group #5

Join in a small group environment to encourage, inspire, and equip you to walk deeper in the Word of God. Led by Ebony Harris, her group offers an atmosphere where you can discuss personal struggles, discover truth, develop meaningful relationships, accept accountability, and share in community outreach.

Pastor Barney

Weekly – Every Wednesday

ULCC Small Group #6

Join Pastor Jason Barney for a small group experience, designed to develop a deeper relationship with Christ. Whether this is your first time participating in the small groups, or you are looking for where God is leading you next, this session will help prepare, equip and encourage you.